Blazers / JNBY Oversize Belted Half Sleeve Classic Blazer

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Size: XS


Color: Green


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This is a classic old man's suit that has been improved for a younger age. Half sleeves are the most popular design nowadays, and a graphic T-shirt is placed inside to highlight the layering.

The style is very romantic and elegant. The fabric is made of wool-viscose interwoven twill. The double-sided weaving process makes the fabric full and firm. The wool material creates a crisp and flexible fabric feel, and the addition of viscose fiber brings a smooth and smooth feel to the fabric.

The texture of the cloth is delicate and delicate, the luster is soft and elegant, the texture of this fabric is crisp and the texture of worsted wool, as well as the skinny drape, it can not only create a simple and handsome silhouette, but also express the feminine beauty, both rigid and soft.

Fabric: 50% Viscose, 50% Sheep Wool