JNBYHOME Cute Hand Plush Cushion

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Color: White


Size: M


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Fabric plush long, soft, comfortable and warm. The color is full, bright and lively.

Breaking the form of the pillow in the traditional sense, it breaks the boundaries of functionalism with a light-hearted and witty attitude, showing the god-like form of the hand. Both to retain the function it has in itself, but also as a healing ornament. A tacit understanding and balance are found between the silly sense of the palm shape and the plush warmth of the fabric, which is soft, comfortable, warm, full of color and vivid and lively. The diamond ring made of velvet style fabric is the finishing touch, softening the impression of the ring's hard form and adding a touch of pleasure and love. Named after the "hand with a diamond ring," it is a sculptural and functional piece of art.

Fabric: (surface/substrate) polyester 100% (except for decoration)
Filling: Polyester 100%
Filling Weight: 700g