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Color: Army Green

Army Green

Size: M


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LOB is a new travel lifestyle line launched by JNBYHOME. It comes from the first half of the English word "bobby", which means a shorter/lighter living space. It focuses on the design of lively, highly saturated colors and lazy healing.

The product involves daily travel, travel accommodation, outdoor and other travel scenes, creating a "home" for you to move freely. We hope LOB can bring every urban nomad a leisurely, lazy and free travel rhythm like "playing slow ball".

Inspired by the lunch box when packing. Geometric shape, three-dimensional shape and strong modular sense. Knot design is adopted for the handle, which is convenient for flexible length adjustment and can be carried on one shoulder. The surface is made of specially treated waterproof canvas, and the middle of the double handle is filled with down cotton fiber to make it soft, comfortable and light. Release the pressure on shoulders and hands to achieve decompression effect.


Surface: Thick canvas covered with film

Lining: Polyamide