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100% handmade soap bar

JIANGNANBUYI has nearly three decades of experience in the fashion industry, having been established in 1994 with its headquarters in Hangzhou, China. The fashion group is renowned for its excellent designer brands that have enthralled customers since its inception. We established the brand matrix to align with the design image, keeping in mind their design, promotion, and marketing of trendy clothes, footwear, accessories, and household supplies. A diversified, differentiated brand portfolio enables us to provide consumers of varied age groups with products and services that they require and desire. 

100% handmade soap bar

We design and sell fashion apparel, footwear, accessories and home products under a portfolio of brands including JNBY (women’s wear), CROQUIS (men's wear), jnby by JNBY (kids' wear), LESS (women's wear), POMME DE TERRE (kids’ wear), and JNBYHOME (lifestyle) . Operating under the Group's brand philosophy, “Just Naturally Be Yourself,” our brands focus on a unique group of consumers and feature unique design identities.

Our diverse and segmented brand portfolio allows us to offer products and services to consumers from across most age groups. Also, we have continued to launch new consumer scenarios or products, including "Box+" and JIANGNANBUYI PLUS (multi-brand collection stores), to provide consumers with more value-added services. By June 30, 2022, we have 1,956 stores worldwide, including 1,937 stores in China’s Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, as well as others in Japan, Russia and Australia.

JIANGNANBUYI+ is focused on becoming a fashion destination, an exclusive community, and an appealing brand space that loyal fans and potential customers can identify with and feel relevant to be associated with. Our core value is "Better Design, Better Life," and with this in mind, we want to reach out to consumers and interact with them in a way that reflects the brand's concept, its attitude towards design, and the service experience it offers. Our aim is to ensure that all consumers will be able to let go of their inhibitions at JIANGNANBUYI+ and appreciate a life filled with excellent design choices. 


Sustainability is a broad and specific issue. As one of the leading designer brand companies in China, we have the responsibility for healthy development of China's apparel industry and contribute to it by exploring the value chain tied to the extension of apparel. We closely monitor the development and inheritance of China’s clothing culture.

As we retrace the history of traditional materials and techniques, we utilize modern manufacturing technology to develop, innovate and recreate solid traditional craftsmanship in an effort to unearth new discoveries for the industry. It is also our aim to tell the story of the past and explore the future with the concept of tapping cloth’s full potential. Simultaneously, JIANGNANBUYI has always been committed to corporate citizenship and sustainable development.

As a company, we set ESG goals and implement solutions in areas such as environmental sustainability, product sustainability, human sustainability and community sustainability. JIANGNANBUYI uses environment-friendly materials, optimizes all aspects of production and operation to save energy and reduce emissions, cares for the disadvantaged groups, and maintains a focus on intangible cultural heritage.